Exposed! Solskjaer's sacking will reveal Glazer’s plans |

Exposed! Solskjaer’s sacking will reveal Glazer’s plans

Exposed! Solskjaer's sacking will reveal Glazer’s plans

Exposed! Solskjaer’s sacking will reveal Glazer’s plans

With the scoreboard reading, “Manchester United 0 – 5 Liverpool” at the end of proceedings at Old Trafford on Sunday night

Ole Gunnar Solakjaer had just failed to win in four domestic games at home.

The clamour for the sack of the Norwegian had been on a steady rise for months

However, but the Glazer family who owns the club had consistently reiterated its backing for Ole.

Despite the comeback victory over Atalanta in the Champions League, fans have remained very critical of Solskjaer

The performance of his team and so continued to call for his sack.

Liverpool game was touted to be a possible determinant of his mettle and as it turned out, he failed woefully

Many believe it is in the club’s best interest that the owners let him go.

The club’s American owners, too, are another kettle of fish. The fans have also long clamoured for their exit

Deploying all manner of protests and other means to register their disapproval and detest for the ownership.

It is widely believed that the Glazers are only in the business for the financial gains, with United only being a cash cow for them

Not for the development of the football and consequently, the sustenance of the long rich footballing history of the club.

With the continued plunge with ‘Ole at the Wheel’, evident in a consistently bad run of form and results

It is clear that new ideas are required to take the club forward.

It is also clear to keen followers of the club and football in general that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s work is done

after his rebuilding phase, he does not seem to have what it takes to move the club to the next level of its transition.

It is therefore only logical that perhaps a new hand is required to handle the next phase of United’s reboot after the halcyon days under Sir Alex Ferguson.

It is therefore inevitable that for this to happen, Solskjaer will have to be replaced by a more experienced

More tactically savvy and success-driven coach.

From their body language and comments before the Liverpool game, Solskjaer’s job was safe.

With the embarrassing result on Sunday night

it remains to be seen what becomes of his position in the aftermath of the match.

Whether or not the Glazers will relieve Ole of this misery and give the supporters a bit of reprieve is yet unknown.

What is certain, however, is that if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is allowed to remain ‘at the wheel’ beyond this year

Then it will certainly reveal the Glazer family’s true intentions.

Whatever actions they will take following Sunday’s embarrassment will either assert or refute the widely held postulation

However, that they are not interested in the growth of Manchester United as a football club


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