'He's a killer': Joe Cole disclosed |

‘He’s a killer’: Joe Cole disclosed

'He's a killer': Joe Cole disclosed

‘He’s a killer’: Joe Cole disclosed

'He's a killer': Joe Cole disclosed

Joe Cole has backed ‘killer’ Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku to finish as the Champions League’s top goal -scorer this season

However, after he registered a goal as Blues won over Zenit St Petersburg on Tuesday.

The Belgian forward scored his fourth goal in four matches since rejoining the west London club for £98million this summer

Heading in Cesar Azpilicueta’s cross with little over 20 minutes to go during the 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge.

Cole admitted that Lukaku was not at his best on Tuesday night but said his clinical nature makes him the perfect man

Lead the club’s Champions League defence under Thomas Tuchel.

“It’s a match made in heaven for both sides,’ said Cole, speaking about Lukaku’s recent move to Chelsea”He’s really put the full package together.

“I’m going to throw this out there, I think he’ll be top scorer in the Champions League this season”

‘Lukaku didn’t even have one of his better games, he was a little bit scruffy but he’s a finisher now, a killer”

'He's a killer': Joe Cole disclosed

“Once that ball was delivered there was only going to be one winner, he’s a great finisher.’

Rio Ferdinand added that Lukaku is embracing the responsibility of being Chelsea’s talisman this season

Moreover, he described him as the man to get Chelsea over the line in matches this term

‘He’s the talisman in this team now, he’s their go-to guy,’ said Ferdinand”

“‘If there’s a problem with finishing a game, in the short time hes been there he’s already proving”

“That when there’s an opportunity there to be had, he’s got ice in his veins”

‘He wants it, he wants the responsibility and he’ll deliver it”

“He is the man at Stamford Bridge now who they look to to win games”

“When you’ve got someone up front like that it’s a beautiful feeling”

You just think, let me do my job and he will get us over the line”

“Tuchel has made them hard to play against, now they’ve got the weapon to execute games”

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