Rice advised to avoid Man United transfer on one condition |

Rice advised to avoid Man United transfer on one condition

Rice advised to avoid Man United transfer on one condition

Rice advised to avoid Man United transfer on one condition

Declan Rice has been a long-term target of Manchester United

However, it has been told the Old Trafford would not be a good place for his development.

The West Ham star has been linked with moves to United and also Chelsea in recent transfer windows.

The Hammers have been resistant to sell and it has paid dividends as they finished sixth last season and are fourth already this campaign.

Rice has gone from strength-to-strength at the Hammers

David Moyes says top clubs missed out on a ‘bargain’ as he was available for £100million this summer.

It seems only a matter of time before he moves on from West Ham, but Old Trafford is not that place right now.

The club appear to be going backwards under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Who has found himself under immense pressure and would not be the correct environment for him..

Rice has been captaining West Ham this season

“A young player needs to go to work with Pep Guardiola, needs to go to work with Jurgen Klopp or needs to go to work with Thomas Tuchel,”  journalist Martin Samuel.

“There’s a number of managers where you can go ‘yeah, I can see that playing in the Champions League under these coaches”

“But specifically Manchester United, you have got a lot of guys who played for”

“Manchester United who have conducted a recruitment campaign on behalf of them every time they go on the television”

“Well, the club you are recruiting for actually doesn’t justify those names”

“I can see what Declan Rice could do for Manchester United”

“I cannot see what Manchester United can do for Declan Rice, other than make him a bit richer.”

United have assembled an impressive squad of top name players blended with young talents brought through the club’s academy.

Rice loves it at West Ham, so would it benefit him to move to a struggling Man United?

But things are not going well and their problems were compounded by a 5-0 defeat to Liverpool at the weekend.

Samuel said: “You don’t understand the direction.”

“There’s not a single player at Manchester United that looks to be progressing at the moment”

“The young players don’t look to be any further forward than when we first saw them as young players and thought they could be good.

“Guys like Pogba and Bruno Fernandes – Pogba looks a different player for France, looked a different player for Juventus.”

He added: “They are a very good squad of footballers and should be doing better”

“but having said that it cannot be a surprise to anyone listening to this show that Manchester United are under coached”

“We have been saying it on here for a long, long time. Since last season. They don’t look like they are being directed”

“The same group of players with Guardiola, Klopp or”

“Thomas Tuchel went to Chelsea and took however many training sessions”

“not matches, and they defended better. Their first game against Wolves they looked better defensively.

“I don’t know what is going on.”

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